The Remote Worker Training Backpack

The Remote Worker Training Backpack aims to train corporate and VET trainers on e-leadership skills and digital competences for effective audience engagement in hybrid business models. The training materials consist of three parts:

Theoretical: Trainers learn how to enhance e-leadership skills and digital competencies, covering topics such as data literacy, communication and teamwork through ICT tools, digital content creation, problem-solving skills, and online safety. The training aligns with the Digital Competence Framework 2.0 and EU legal framework on AI.
Practical: This section provides guidelines for trainers to implement the acquired knowledge. Real-life case studies and success stories are presented as examples.
Assessment: Trainers receive well-structured lessons and training plans to customize their approach based on learners' needs. Assignments and activities encourage self-reflection and skills assessment.

The Training Backpack addresses the gap between evolving workplace needs and existing trainer skills. Upskilling trainers digitally improves employee productivity and enhances business viability in a 'work-from-anywhere' model. The project contributes to the digital transformation of Europeans, fostering a sustainable digital economy strategy.

While primarily targeting corporate trainers in hybrid models, the Backpack's methodology can be adapted with minor modifications for higher and adult education, creating digital job opportunities for job seekers.

Training Materials

T1.1 Competence Framework - Needs verification reports
Part 1: Country Research
Part 2: Comparison Analysis
T1.2 Trainers' Academy: Lexicon & Resource Bank
T1.3 Skills Training Orientation
T1.4 DigiREACT Handbook Toolkit for corporate trainers
T1.5 Localization & Practice
Part 1: Handbook in National Languages
Part 2: Piloting campaign reports