The problem
Do employees have the necessary digital knowledge to cope with the new reality of the post COVID-19 work environment?

Do corporate trainers have the appropriate skills and the e-leadership to handle their teams and establish their productivity, when working remotely?

Research shows that more than 70% of businesses struggle with the lack of digital skills of their staff , while 88% do not have the capacity to invest in the digital upskilling of their employees!
The solution
Remote/Hybrid working is here to stay!

Since COVID-19 has hugely reshaped the business models,  bringing remote work and hybrid models to the front line, Europe urgently needs to digitize it's industries, while a fundamental shift in the skills of corporate trainers is required in order to be successful.

We will combine personalized training with gamified learning and use a variety of innovative digital tools to provide the necessary digital skills to trainers and employees.

The objective

Our goal is to help employees in staying engaged and be productive in a remote/hybrid working model!

This will be achieved by increasing the digital and e-leadership skills of VET trainers dealing with such employees as well as corporate trainers.

To that end, our team is developing:

  • a full training course for the digital upskilling of corporate and VET trainers

  • a highly engaging digital tool - the Experience Brewing Enging - to be used by trainers and employees

  • a virtual community acting as an international network of project enthusiasts