Welcome to DigiREACT project!

A European-funded endeavor boosting the digital skills VET trainers and employees to cope with the digital trasnformation of their businesses

A new era in digital transformation

A project dedicated to the most efficient management of remote and hybrid working

Who we are

Out team consists of 5 partners from all over Europe:
Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland & Portugal
Their multidimensional background is such that different types of key stakeholders are represented:
VET trainers, Business Consultants, IT organizations, VET associations

What we offer

In a world, where remote/hybrid work model is becoming a trend, DigiREACT is a great asset for employees and trainers alike.
We offer innovative tools & solutions, which provide digital upskilling to trainers in order to cope with the digitalization of their work and improve the employability skills of employees and support skills retention.