DigiREACT Personalized​ Gamificator

A new generation of online learning environment has arrived, that being the Employee Experience Platforms (EXP). The EXP emerged by combining a new category of digitized HR with workforce productivity.  EXPs are software platforms that empower organizations to take full control of the environment and interactions an employee has, without replacing their trainers. The benefits of using an EXP are:
  • providing a user-friendly and learner-centered environment 
  • capability to build and manage different employee training pathways 
  • tracking progress of learners’ interactions -managing performance analytics 
  • increasing productivity 
  • driving change 
DigiREACT is the first EXP designed to unify the complex corporate training ecosystem combining gamification elements with personalized mechanics (AI technologies) to provide a sustainable skills retention service. It aims to address the needs of both the trainers to discover and control their organizational abilities of the employees to improve and maintain their skills within hybrid teams. 

The impact is expected to be significant for corporate trainers, providing sustainable workforce management capabilities and providing them with the opportunity to create their own content, based on the needs and learning styles of their employees. With the training materials being constantly updated, employees will remain engaged, while the gamificator will continue to provide learning opportunities and skills retention services in the long-term, offering a viable solution for digital transformation. 

The instructional and architectural design strategies as well as the back-end technology will establish an environment that is content agnostic. With minor modifications, it can be thus transferred in any micro-e-learning programme.